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Linear Mass Rules and Hadronic Shells: the Baryons [pdf]

Authors: Paolo Palazzi (e-mail)
Date: 2007-10-07
Subject: Particle Physics - Phenomenology
Comments: 8 pages, 5 figures, talk presented at the XII Int. Conf. on Hadron Spectroscopy (HADRON 07), Frascati, October 8-13, 2007; to be published in the Conference Proceedings

The meson mass system is multilinear. This result, combined with a stability analysis of the meson spectrum indicative of shell structure, implies that meson shells are geometrically similar to nuclear shells. In addition, the meson mass rules suggest solid-phase bound states on an fcc lattice, possibly with stable leptons as constituents. The preliminary baryon mass systematics shows compatible linear quantization rules, while the baryonic shell sequence corresponds to a lower constituent density, and starts only at shell 3. The baryonic number might be related to a different lattice organization.


12.40.Yx Hadron mass models and calculations
12.90.+b Miscellaneous theoretical ideas and models
14.40.-c Baryons

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