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abstract p3a-2005-002

Mass constraints and the identity of the X(3872) and X(3940) mesons [pdf]

Authors: Paolo Palazzi (e-mail)
Date: 2005-06-10
Subject: Particle Physics - Phenomenology
Comments: 8 pages, 3 figures

With reference to a very precise but little-known mass quantization scheme, the masses of the X(3872) and X(3940) mesons are compared with the various c-cbar meson families. The only statistically significant and consistent match is with the chi_c(1). This result is in agreement with the experimental constraints on the possible J^PC quantum numbers of the X(3872), recently published by the Belle Collaboration, where the accumulated evidence strongly favors a J^PC = 1++ assignment for the X(3872).


12.40.Yx Hadron mass models and calculations
14.40.Gx Mesons with S=C=B=0, mass>2.5 GeV (including quarkonia)

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